Who are we?

We are a private non-profit working to help people and organisations to fulfil their potentials and focus their vision and efforts towards a sustainable society.

How do we understand sustainability?

We see sustainability as a global, holistic and social concept. we consider social progress as the key issue on countries development with an overriding commitment with the preservation of our planet complexity, diversity and functionality.

What do we do?

We work with a wide diversity of partners and other ocasional colaborations in order to create value through the design and implementation of innovative solutions which face those environmental, social and governance challenges in XXI century.

Imagination and thinking allow us to carry out innovative initatives which could move the business as usual trend towards a sustainble path.

Work with us

We could be a solid and stable partner for your company or organisation in the fields of:

  • Sustainability. Our aim is to make the concept clear in order to establish realistic objectives to achieve. We also work on measuring the effects of our decisions over a global sustainable framework.
  • Territory. We see the land as the final destination of all our decisions. So we work on indicators and concepts to be able to introduce sustainable criteria on strategic planning.
  • Mobility. Analysing differente options to make a rational management of mobility needs.
  • Energy. We work on topics related to the high dependence of our way of life on energy. Both sustainability and security are the trends we try to advance.
  • Rural development. With the main objective of demostrating that high standards of quality of life could be achieved on rural areas without destroying their identity.
  • Education. Besides formal and technical programs, we design and develop immersive active programs on a value based environment aiming to inspire transformative leadership on sustainability.

We have the status of an International Cooperation Agency. We have an institutional commitment to export our knowledge and methodologies to other regions and countries which could benefit from them and, for different reasons, are not able to make their own way, at this moment.

Any further information, please contact Marcos Perez at international@galiciasustentable.org